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DVD-R discs offer a write-once format that holds up to 4.7GB of high-density data. You can store literally thousands of digital photographs or you can store up to two hours of digital videos in SP mode or four hours in EP mode, on a single disc. DVD media is capable of producing pre-mastering discs and is ideal for high volume data recording, archiving and playback. By using DVD discs, information is permanently recorded and cannot be altered or erased.


Product information

  • Product Dimensions 5 x 5 x 3 inches

  • Item Weight 1.59 pounds


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Imation 16x DVD-R 4.7GB (IMADVD47DVD)

    About This Products

    • Brand: Imation.
    • Type: DVD-R.
    • Speed: 16X. Capacity: 4.7GB. Audio Storage: 120 minutes.
    • Surface: Logo Top.
    • Quantity: 50 Pack. Packing: Plastic Shrink Wrap.

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