Our company

SH TECHINFO, just as the name refers, have dedication in making a difference in the lives of our valuable customer by using the appropriate technology, since we started our business on 12/10/2017 SH TECHINFO goals for great value Product and great customer service.

Our Mission Statement

We are SH TECHINFO. We in the IT industry have a responsibility to bring quality products and quality services to the right customer. We will look whether our products reach our customers with respect and at the right price. Our growth is in our customer’s comfort. Our focus is to sell Sri Lanka's high quality IT Product and services.

Our Vision Statement

Our Vision is to become the first quality IT Technology Company in Sri Lanka and a place to buy all kinds of technology related products. All Sri Lankans should buy our quality service and products. Our aim is to provide a reliable solution to the problem regarding technologies. We supply world class IT products in Sri Lanka. We will strive to make the whole country enjoy the benefits of technology.
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